About Us

We are the most aligned fund for FOUNDERS in the premium drinks and cannabis space.

We are specifically not aligned to one ultimate buyer or big spirits or cannabis house but instead have interest and investment from many potential partners for founders in different geographies.

Our mission is to be agile and creative to make all occasions for consumers more enjoyable with high quality premium and fun brands. This will be a natural creator of wealth for investors over time.


Simply put Quanxi describes the relationship between two individuals which codifies the way in which they interact with each other and their ‘right’ to prevail upon each other to ask for favours or services to be undertaken on their behalf.


We believe just like alcohol consumption exploded after prohibition was lifted that Cannabis use will explode. It is a complementary product and adjacency that will intersect at the same table as alcohol. We are uniquely poised to cover both categories and find the magic!

We’re an independent fund built by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs.

We created FOUNDER QUANXI 关系 to be the perfect partner for ambitious entrepreneurs who are creating the global brands of the future. We are globally focussed with a slant towards the INDO-ASIA geographies for the future.

Our investors and board include the smartest most experienced partners in RTM, Merchandising, Technology and luxury brands as investors and on our board.

We have years of experience working with businesses of all types in many markets emerging and developed and have a deep understanding of and passion for moments and occasions when luxury goods, drinks brands and cannabis are enjoyed. We know the challenges facing founder-led businesses and we’re committed to using this experience to support your founding team and grow your brand.

Our relationship with big alcohol

Founder Quanxi provides big alchohol with a way to invest in exciting spirits and cannabis, allowing those brands to grow independently. We are not aligned to any one big alchohol company and have relationships with xxxx,xxx,xxxxx where specific brand and RTM skills exist in different markets.

Our team have invested their own resources alongside our partners who offer assistance to portfolio companies in our accelerator in the form of technical, production, distribution and marketing expertise.

We know what it takes to launch and build a drinks business. And together, we can help those Founders have fun and grow their ideas into serious global businesses.

Ivan Menezes, Chief Executive of Diageo, says: “Diageo is built on the shoulders of entrepreneurs like Arthur Guinness, Pierre Smirnoff, the Walkers, James Buchanan, Charles Tanqueray and many more. Innovation is core to our business and is the seed for brands of the future.