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Lovely Rita Ultra Premium Tequila

Distilled in the award-winning Casa Maestri distillery in Mexico, the Lovely Rita process is as magical as her taste. The idea of Lovely Rita was dreamt up by a group of tequila enthusiasts from Arizona that wanted to bring to life the spirit of what tequila meant to them.

The brand and product is as multifaceted as Lovely Rita herself and every single element was thoroughly thought through. From the color scheme inspired by the Mexican landscapes to its smooth mellow taste that is best enjoyed on the rocks, Lovely Rita truly is a work of art.

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Leonista 100% Karoo Agave

Leonista means “place of the lion” and is the first 100% Karoo agave spirit in South Africa made the traditional way.

The production process follows an age-old recipe used in Mexico to make agave spirits like Mezcal. It requires smoke and fire, hence Leonista’s delicious smokey flavour, similar to that of a Mezcal.

100% agave spirits are the most energy-fueling of all the alcohols if treated with respect.

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MPX – Melting Point Extracts

Melting Point Extracts is devoted to providing the cleanest and most effective products possible. Pairing fundamentally sound techniques with exceptional starting materials and state of the art equipment to ensure an unforgettable experience in every exhale. We specialize in Hydrocarbon, CO2, and solvent-free extractions to provide a diverse line of high quality products.