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Bottles the alcohol delivery app

BOTTLES is an on-demand alcohol delivery app. It’s available for free on Apple store and Android store and it provides the fastest and most convenient way to buy beer, wine and spirits in South Africa.

Geometric Gin

Geometric Gin is distilled from neutral spirits and fine grape spirit, resulting in a textured, silk-like gin. Fresh juniper is underpinned by citrus and cardamom, followed by heathery fynbos, our post-modern definition of Classic Cape Dry Gin.
List of botanicals

Symmetry Spirits

Virgin, unadulterated tonics.
Symmetry Tonics are produced in their true concentrated form, made from whole botanicals with minimal sugar content.

Leonista 100% Karoo Agave

Leonista means “place of the lion” and is the first 100% Karoo agave spirit in South Africa made the traditional way.

The production process follows an age-old recipe used in Mexico to make agave spirits like Mezcal. It requires smoke and fire, hence Leonista’s delicious smokey flavour, similar to that of a Mezcal.

100% agave spirits are the most energy-fueling of all the alcohols if treated with respect.

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Falling in Love with Agave

MPX – Melting Point Extracts

Melting Point Extracts is devoted to providing the cleanest and most effective products possible. Pairing fundamentally sound techniques with exceptional starting materials and state of the art equipment to ensure an unforgettable experience in every exhale. We specialize in Hydrocarbon, CO2, and solvent-free extractions to provide a diverse line of high quality products.